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Monday, January 21, 2019

The #1 thing to do when selling online...

Hi, ladies!
Today, I wanted to talk about what in my mind 
is the #1 thing to do when selling online.
Can you guess what that is?
Pictures!  Getting really great pictures! 
"An item is only as good as the picture."
There are three things involved in getting really great pictures...
the clarity of the picture, the lighting and the background.

# 1Clarity...
There isn't a lot that I can say about clarity...
just make sure that your pictures are clear as can be.
You can clear them up a bit with software.
I like Picmonkey but with that being said, take as
clear and as good of a picture as you can to start with.
If you do that, you won't have to do as much editing
and you can't always edit blurriness out of a picture.

#2 Lighting...
Lighting is huge as well.
You want light but not too much and certainly no direct light.
So, no sun beating down on your item.
I personally, like to take my pictures on our front
porch (which faces south) on a somewhat overcast day.
That is when I get the best pictures.

#3 Background or Backdrop...
 The background in your picture is important too.
I've noticed that a lot of people use "dark" backgrounds.
I personally, do not like that.
I feel like white or lighter backgrounds
make the item stand out better.
Below, I have a couple of examples.
All of the pictures below were taken on our front porch.
The white background pictures were taken with a white
sheet behind the dolly. 
Even though I like them both, the dolly with the white
sheet background seems to stand out better.
There is no "busyness" behind her.
Most of us have an extra white sheet running around our house.
OK, not really running around but probably in the closet!  haha

Getting great pictures does take some practice 
but hopefully with these three easy suggestions you'll be
a pro at it soon!  Remember what I said above...
"your item is only as good as your picture"!
 Grab your camera and have some "fun"!

Thanks, ladies!
I  hope that you all have a wonderful day!

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