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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Little "frosty" Candle Jar "Tutorial" from ORP...

 Little "frosty" candle jar "tutorial"...
Not only are these little "frosty" candle jars cute as can be
but they are also super simple to make.
 Get your extra jars out.
I like to use smaller jars but the choice is yours.
If you don't have any small jars you can purchase
them at Hobby Lobby for fairly cheap. 
Are you ready to get started?
 Cover the sides of the jar in glue.
Don't glue the top rim or bottom of the jar.
I used Modge Podge glue but you can use Elmer's as well.
 Put some Epsom's salt on a paper plate.
Role the jar in the Epsom's salt.
Be sure that the top rim and the bottom of the jar
are clean from glue and salt.
 Set the jar aside to dry.
 Wrap the top of the jar in jute.
Tie the jute off into a small bow.
 Glue small sprigs of Christmas greenery
(fir, juniper and/or boxwood) just below the small jute bow.
Glue some red berries to the greenery.
I used faux Christmas greenery and berries but you
can use real if you have them.
 Place a battery operated candle or t-light inside the jar.
DO NOT use lit candles or t-lights in these jars. just finished ORP's little "frosty" candle jar!
I told you they were cute and easy!
 These make great little Christmas gifts that everyone is sure to love! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this free "tutorial" from Old Road Primitives!
"Merry Christmas", everyone!
PS:  Don't forget that you can use the extra Epsom salt in your bath.
Epsom salt is great for relaxation.
For a real treat, add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath water.
Place one of these little "frosty" candles on the edge of your tub,
pour yourself a cup of tea and relax.
Who doesn't need a little relaxation this time of year?

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