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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Meet "Mr SnOwman" the Snowman Gourd from ORP...

Hey, everyone!
I hope that you all are having a "great" summer (so far)!
Ours is busy as ever with yard work and gardening.
After the crazy winter that we had, we aren't complaining.
It feels great to be outside again. 
The other day while at our local "ma & pa"
hardware store I happened to notice some dried gourds
hanging out on their front porch. They were for sale,
so I bought one and then went back for more. Needless to say,
I'm on a "gourd" kick! Yes, I said, "gourds"!
Look what you can do with a simple dried gourd!
This was "Mr SnOwman" before he became a snowman!

Here are the simple "basic" instructions for making "Mr SnOwman" gourd...
This is a total "no sew" snowman! I started with my little $2.00 gourd.
Gave it a coat of heirloom white spray paint. Traced the face with a Prismacolor pencil.
Painted the face features. Let them dry well.
Watered down some burnt umber craft paint for a stain.
Stained the whole snowman gourd. Wiped the excess stain off.
Let the snowman dry one last time. I used the upper end of a sleeve
from an old red sweater that I purchased at the Youth Ranch for the hat.
Embellished the little gourd snowman with some Christmas greenery and berries.
Finished the snowman off with a coat of sealer and then some glitter.
Here is the "best" part...if you don't like the face that you painted simply
wait for it to dry, sand it lightly and then start over!
It's that easy and forgiving!

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!
Wishing you all a really great summer!

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