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Monday, January 18, 2016

NEW Spring Summer Bunny Pattern from ORP...Bobbie The little Farmer Bunny

 Hi, everyone!
I hope that you are having a great day!
If you are looking for something "fun" to do today, please stop by
"Old Road Primitives" and check out our newest "Bunny" pattern!
***NEW*** pattern for Spring 2016 from "Old Road Primitives"..."Bobbie" the little "Farmer" Bunny!   "Bobbie" is the "cutest" little farmer bunny.  "Bobbie" works hard in the spring & summer planting and harvesting his crop of prim "baby carrots".   Apparently, he has quite the appetite for them too.  You can tell by his little or should I say big  "pot belly".  Yep, he's one of ORP's "pot bellied" bunnies.  Bobbie wouldn't be a "farmer" if he wasn't wearing a little pair of "bib overalls", which you will learn how to make in this pattern.  They are so cute, with the little top pocket stuffed with Sweet Annie, a small carrot seed pack and a hankie.  This pattern comes with the little "vintage" carrot seed pack image for you to print from your computer.  This image comes in several different sizes.  So, the "f'un" is endless.  Little "Bobbie" is easy to make with a one piece head & body and beaded eyes.
No complicated round heads or face features to paint.  This pattern comes with easy to follow, step by step directions along with detailed pattern pieces.  You are going to "love" working with this "Old Road primitives" pattern.  "Bobbie" the little "Farmer" Bunny is 16" tall, 10 1/2" when sitting.  His little bottom is weighted so he sits nicely on most surfaces.  "Bobbie" is a little "prim" bunny who could be dressed up or dressed down according to your liking.  Thanks for stopping by to view this new pattern from "ORP"!

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