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Monday, January 14, 2013

~Winter Thyme "Farmhouse" Heat Bags~ Pattern from ORP...

 Hi, Ladies!
Today, I wanted to "share" my ***NEWEST*** Pattern!
It is part of my NEW Farmhouse Pattern Line!
I love everything in or around an olde Farmhouse!
This newest pattern from ORP is called...
Back in the day, people used to heat rocks in their
ovens, then they would wrap them in towels and they
would take them to bed with them for a little extra warmth!
These little "heat bags" are today's version of the "heated rocks"!
I will continually be adding new patterns to ORP's 
new "Farmhouse" Collection!
Not only will this new pattern line have home decor items but
it will also have some of those lil' critters that we all ~love~ like
mice, bunnies, teddy bears, snowmen, etc!!!
You know...things that you would see around an olde "Farmhouse"!
***Please check back, more "Farmhouse" patterns coming soon***

Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy Craftn'!!!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet patterns!The snow is lovely but I sure would not enjoy those kind of temperatures.Looking forward to seeing your new patterns.Hugs,Jen