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Monday, October 8, 2012

***NEW*** Lighted Cardinal Christmas Twig Spray Pattern...

Hi, Ladies!
Today, I wanted to share my ***Newest***
Christmas pattern with all of you!
It's called...
This is truly a unique OOAK piece...
for all of you "Cardinal" lovers out there! 
 This is a super easy and fun Christmas spray to make!
This pattern comes with an ***Extra Bonus***, please see pattern
description for more details!

I hope that you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall Season
that God has blessed us with!


  1. I really do need to get my kleenex! C Sections are not supposed to go that way. I am so glad you still have your daughter and that life is getting back to normal my friend... There is only one thing missing from this post.... A picture of your new grandbaby!! We will all be waiting.


  2. Oh my gosh, Kim!
    Wow and Wow!
    I hope all is on the upward trend now. Prayers for your daughter and grand daughter. May God speed her recovery.
    ~ Ilona

  3. Sending Prayers your way for your daughter and gran daughter! Love your new cardinal pattern. Take Care!

  4. Oh Kim, I'm so glad everything turned out well for you! Congratulations on your new granddaughter. Will be praying your daughter makes a full and speedy recovery!!
    God Bless,

  5. So touched by your post ... May the Lord
    continue the healing procces in your daughter
    Thoughts and Prayers for you all in renewing
    your daily strength...
    Many Blessings

  6. Hi Kim: Our hearts go out to you, your daughter and your family during this time of recovery. We are hoping that the future brings only good things to you and yours and wishing Kristy a very speedy recovery. Enjoy your little bundle of joy, Grandma; she will grow up quickly.


  7. WOW Kim...what an ordeal. Hugs sweetie.

  8. Thanks ladies for all of your thoughts, well wishes, congrats and continued prayers! I'm loving being a new Grandma!