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Monday, October 8, 2012

***NEW*** Lighted Cardinal Christmas Twig Spray Pattern...

Hi, Ladies!
Today, I wanted to share my ***Newest***
Christmas pattern with all of you!
It's called...
This is truly a unique OOAK piece...
for all of you "Cardinal" lovers out there! 
 This is a super easy and fun Christmas spray to make!
This pattern comes with an ***Extra Bonus***, please see pattern
description for more details!

I hope that you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall Season
that God has blessed us with!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

***NEW*** Rowdy the Reindeer Pattern from ORP...

Hi, Ladies!
This week I'm on a "Reindeer" kick!
Meet "Rowdy"!
He's the reindeer in charge of the
"Reindeer Games"
This ***NEW*** pattern from ORP is called,
This is a super easy and fun pattern to make
with few supplies needed!
This guy can hang or sit (propped)!

Don't miss out on the "Reindeer" ~Fun~!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

***NEW*** ~North Pole Welcome~ Christmas Reindeer Pattern...

Hi, Ladies!
I know what your saying...
"It's about time that she did something other then "snowmen"!
I'm trying to spread my wings a bit because
I know that there are tons and tons of "snowmen" patterns
out there in "Internet land"!
So, I finally decided to throw some "Reindeer" patterns in the mix!
You will ~Love~ making these precious lil' Reindeer!
This ***NEW*** pattern is called,
Not, that I've given up on "snowmen" because they 
are one of my "favs"!  I just thought that something
different would be nice!
Please stop by and take a peek at ORP's ***NEW***
Happy Craftn', everyone!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

***NEW*** ~Country Bumpkin~ Patterns for Fall & Christmas...

Hi, Ladies!
Once, again all of the smoke (from surrounding forest fires)
 and all of the heat (which is suppose to change tomorrow)
has me "hold" up in my Craft room!
Like that is real punishment! hehe
I ~Love~ what I do and am having so much ~Fun~
creating ***NEW*** things!
My new "kick" is creating my ~Country Bumpkins~!
What is a country bumpkin you ask?
It's just a little head, with a ~darling~ lil' face
and some kind of cute lil' hat!
(No body parts or clothes but super fun and easy to make)!!!

First, I would like to introduce the last of my Fall patterns for 2012!
This pattern is called, ~lil' Punkin Patti~ Country Bumpkin...
You won't believe how easy this lil' gal is to make!
Please click HERE to view or purchase this pattern!

The second pattern that I would like to introduce
today, is called,
~Winter Welcome~ Country Bumpkin Snowman...

This pattern is also a super fun and easy pattern to make!
It comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions and detailed
pattern pieces!
This pattern also comes with lots and lots of great
instructional photos, so there is no "second guessing" this pattern!
You will also, learn how to make this ~darling~ lil' (3d) Cardinal!

So, if you are held up in your home due to smoke,
weather or any other reason and you need something
~Fun~ to do...please stop by Old Road Primitives!
We have a ***Great*** selection of Fall and Christmas craft patterns!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Blessings, Kim

Friday, August 10, 2012

***NEW*** Christmas Patterns from ORP...

Hi, Ladies!
With all of this heat and smoke,
I've been hanging out in my "craft room" lately
trying to stay cool!
Nothing will keep you "cooler" then designing
Christmas patterns in 100 degree heat...right?
I wished but anyways, that's what I've been doing!
I have two ***NEW*** Christmas Buckets to share
with all of you!
Have a ~great~ weekend, everybody!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

***NEW*** Fall ~Patterns~ from Old Road Primitives...

Hi, Ladies!
There's a ~Scarecrow~ kick going on in my craft room!
I just listed two ***NEW*** Fall Scarecrow Patterns!
The first pattern is called...
He has the most "precious" lil' face!
This guy is super easy and fun to make!
His body is made using a clay-pot, therefore he sits nicely on most surfaces!
You will absolutely ~Love~ this ~Scarecrow~!

The second pattern that I listed is called,
 This is also a super easy and fun pattern to make!
This pattern is a "hoot" and is sure to put a smile on everyone's face!

Please stop by Old Road Primitives to get in on the
~~~~~~Scarecrow~~~~~~~ Fun!!!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, June 11, 2012

***NEW*** Spread a lil' Sunshine Sunflower Raggedy Pattern...Now Available!

  Hi, Ladies!
Today, I wanted to share my ***Newest*** Summer/Fall
pattern with all of you!  It's called,
~Spread a lil' Sunshine~ Sunflower Raggedy!
Print the the little "Sunflower" template to make
this ~darling~ little apron!
This ORP pattern comes with easy to follow, step
by step instructions and detailed pattern pieces, along
with instructional photos!

I hope that you have a lot of "Sunshine" in your life!
Happy Craftn'!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

***NEW*** Fall Pattern, now available....

Hi, Ladies!
I wanted to share my ***Newest*** Fall pattern
with all of you!
It's called,
~Happy Halloween~ Witch Shoes (Hanging) Vignette!
This is a super ~Fun~ and ~Easy~ pattern!
Click HERE to view!

It's time to start working on your Fall Craft
Show items!
Thanks, ladies and ~Happy Craftn'~!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

***NEW*** Americana and Fall Patterns have arrived... all I can say!!!
I'm "back in the saddle again"!
It's been over six months since I've released
any ***NEW*** patterns so, I'm glad to say
that I'm back in my craft room again!
These hot days send me indoors to play!

The first ***NEW*** pattern that I've done is called,
"Prim ~AMERICA~ Flag Banner"!
Just is time for the ~Americana~ Season!
This is a super easy and fun pattern!
If you can sew "straight" lines then you can make this banner!

Fall is my ~Favorite~ Season of them all, so I've also
been working on some ~FUN~ Pumpkin Patterns!
The first Fall pattern that I did is called,
"~The Olde Punkin Patch~ Wagon"!
This is also, a super easy and fun pattern that can
be made up in no time at all!

The second Fall pattern that I did is called,
"Prim lil' Pumpkins" Bowl or Basket Fillers!
Once you start making these simple lil' Punkins
you won't want to stop!
If you are doing Craft Shows this Fall then
I would highly recommend that you package
them up in little cellophane bags as shown in the photo above!
This pattern comes with this ~Cute~ little Bag Tag
to staple to the bag!  These little bags of pumpkins are just
cute as can be!

That is all that I have to "Share" today!
I hope that you are enjoying some nice weather!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

***NEW*** ~Easter Thyme~ Spring Patterns from ORP...

Hi, Ladies!

Today, I wanted to share a couple of ***NEW***
~Easter Thyme~ Patterns with all of you!
After all, it won't be long until the 
Bunny will be "Hopping Down the Trail"!!!

The first ***NEW*** pattern is called,
"Lilly" the lil' meadow mouse has been getting ready
for the "Big" Easter Egg Hunt out in the Meadow!
She is even sporting a set of "Bunny Ears" for the occasion!

The second pattern that I would like to share with you is called,
Greet your guests this "Spring" with this ~Darling~
"Easter Thyme" Wreath!
This is a super easy and fun pattern!

Don't forget ORP"s current ePattern Special...
Buy two or more ePatterns for $6.00 each!
That is a really great deal!

 Blessings, Kim