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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~Darling~ ***NEW*** Santa Hat Pattern from ORP & a Trend this Christmas Season...

~Darling~ ***NEW*** Santa Hat Pattern from ORP!
~Not a Creature was Stirring~ Mouse in Santa Hat!!!
Just in time for the Christmas Season!
Someone left this lil' Santa Hat out in the woods and
look who has made it their home!
Yep, it's a lil' mouser!
He's stuffed it with lots of woodland goodies,
like pine, juniper, red berries and more!
This is another super ***EASY*** pattern that
takes few supplies to make!
This lil' Santa Hat would make
great gifts
for this Christmas Season!

I wanted to let all of you prim crafters know of a trend that I'm seeing
this Christmas Season and it's ***Glitter*** and I mean ***Glitter***!
Lots of it!
There are different types of Glitter but German Glass Glitter
is the top of the line as far as I'm concerned!
You can use regular glitter but GGG seems to have a
real sparkle that none of the rest have!
Please remember that GGG is ***REAL*** glass pieces
so always use caution around children or pets!
You can purchase a 1 lb bag of GGG at
Save on Crafts for $6.99 + Shipping!
This is a really good buy on GGG!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh, that this so pretty!
    The hat & the mouse! cute cute!
    ejoy the day,

  2. I love that mouse in the santa hat pattern.. So cute !!