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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

***NEW*** Christmas Patterns from Old Road Primitives....

I'm so excited about this ***Newest*** craft pattern from ORP!
It's callled...~Merry Christmas~ Vintage Style Mailbox!
For all of you "non-sewers" this is a FUN "Non Sewing" craft project!

Another ***NEW*** and Fun pattern that I'm excited to share with you
is called...~In the Meadow~ Winter Wonderland Book!

Thanks for stopping by ORP today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~Darling~ ***NEW*** Santa Hat Pattern from ORP & a Trend this Christmas Season...

~Darling~ ***NEW*** Santa Hat Pattern from ORP!
~Not a Creature was Stirring~ Mouse in Santa Hat!!!
Just in time for the Christmas Season!
Someone left this lil' Santa Hat out in the woods and
look who has made it their home!
Yep, it's a lil' mouser!
He's stuffed it with lots of woodland goodies,
like pine, juniper, red berries and more!
This is another super ***EASY*** pattern that
takes few supplies to make!
This lil' Santa Hat would make
great gifts
for this Christmas Season!

I wanted to let all of you prim crafters know of a trend that I'm seeing
this Christmas Season and it's ***Glitter*** and I mean ***Glitter***!
Lots of it!
There are different types of Glitter but German Glass Glitter
is the top of the line as far as I'm concerned!
You can use regular glitter but GGG seems to have a
real sparkle that none of the rest have!
Please remember that GGG is ***REAL*** glass pieces
so always use caution around children or pets!
You can purchase a 1 lb bag of GGG at
Save on Crafts for $6.99 + Shipping!
This is a really good buy on GGG!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~His & Her~ Christmas Underwear Candy Holders Pattern...

***NEW*** design from ORP for this Christmas Season!
This pattern is called...
~His & Her~ Christmas Underwear Candy Holders Pattern!
These darling Christmas Underwear come with a tag
that you print from your computer!
This lil' tag says, "When you stop believing in Santa you get Underwear"!
This is a very ***EASY*** pattern that takes few supplies to make!These lil' Christmas Underwear make ***Great*** inexpensive gifts!
Stuff them with candy, gift cards, money, or an fun small Christmas items!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

***NEW*** ~Snow Thyme Blessings~ Skiing Snowman Pattern...

Hi Ladies!
I wanted to share a ***NEW*** Christmas Pattern
from Old Road Primitives!
This ***FUN*** & ***EASY*** Pattern is called...
~Snow Thyme Blessings~ Skiing Snowman!
This is a ***Great*** pattern for the beginning crafter!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Blessings, Kim

Saturday, October 9, 2010

***NEW*** ~Christmas Pattern~ from ORP...Just Listed!!!

How fun is this ***NEWEST*** pattern
from Old Road Primitives for
Christmas 2010?
This pattern is called...
~Twas' the night before Christmas~ Book & Mouse!
This pattern comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions,
instructional photos and detailed pattern pieces!
Print the vintage ~Twas' the night before Christmas~ poem
from your computer!
This lil' Vintage Christmas Book & Mouse is 5 1/2" Tall!
Please click HERE to view or purchase this pattern!

Please Note...the lil' Christmas book is cute by it's self!
My hubby actually thought that this was really an olde

vintage Christmas Book until I told him my secret! ;)
Just imagine the fun things that you could do with it
at Christmas Thyme!

More ***NEW*** Christmas Patterns coming SOON!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

***NEW*** ~FALL~ Patterns by Old Road Primitives...Now Available

~Merry Olde Fall~ Scarecrow Make-do Pattern

~Old Fashioned~ Pumpkins Pattern

Please click on the photos above to view or purchase these patterns!

Friday, July 16, 2010

***NEW*** Primitive Pumpkins Pattern for Fall...

Hi, everyone!
I wanted to share a couple of ***NEW*** patterns from ORP with all of you!
The first patterns is for Fall and is called ~Primitive Pumpkins 1873~!
This is a very easy pattern with few supplies needed!

In keeping with my "Christmas in July" theme, I have a ***NEW** Christmas Pattern!
This pattern is called ~Olde Thyme Mitten~!

This is a fun and easy pattern!
All of my patterns come with easy to follow, step by step instructions!

Simply click on the photos to view or purchase these ***NEW*** patterns!

Don't let my $6.00 Pattern Special pass you buy!
Now is a great time to stock up on ORP's patterns!
Also, for every pattern purchased from my website during the
month of July, your name will go into a drawing for chances to
win my ~Christmas Thyme~ Mouse Doll!
This ~Original~ Mouse Doll will come signed and dated!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope that all of you are having a ~Great~ summer!

Monday, June 21, 2010

***NEW*** FALL Patterns by Old Road Primitives...

Hi Ladies!
I wanted to share a couple of ***NEW*** Patterns for Fall 2010
by Old Road P
~Great~ patterns for the up and coming Craft Show Season!

The first pattern is called ~Happy Harvest~ Witch Mouse Doll!
Nothing says ~Fall~ more then a lil' Harvest Mouse!
This lil' mouse is a real cutie and very easy and fun to make!

The second pattern is called ~Harvest Thyme~ Witch!
If you like witches then you w
ill love this pattern!
You will have so much fun bring
ing this lil' witch to life!

The third pattern is called ~Grungy~ Olde Crow on Pumpkin!
This pattern is for the Crow lovers out there!
You will absolutely ~Love~ making this ~Darling~ crow and pumpkin!

I wanted to let you all know that Old Road Primitives is ~thrilled~
to be one of the newest members of The Prim Pattern!
The Prim Pattern has a ~Great~ Selection of Holiday Patterns!
You will ~Love~ doing business with Brenda

Another place that you'll find ORP patterns is Pattern Mart!
I've been a ~Proud~ member of Pattern Mart for over 3 years now!
Pattern Mart has over 200 pattern designers and 1,000's of patterns to choose from!
Kelle is another wonderful person to do business with!

So, if you are looking for some ~Great~ Holiday patterns for the upcoming
Craft Show Season, then please stop by these ~Awesome~ Pattern Websites!
You won't be disappointed!

I hope that everyone is havin
g a great summer!
I can officially say that now!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday, May 21, 2010

***NEW*** ~Summer Thyme~ Sunflower Arrangement Pattern...Now Available

***NEW*** ~Summer Thyme~ Sunflower Arrangement Pattern
Now Available

Not only w
ill you how to make this ~Darling~ Summer
Thyme Sunflower Arrangement but you will also learn how to
give regular silk Sunflowers that great ~Primitive~ look!
You will be amazed
at how fun and easy flower arranging can be!
Make this darling arrangement
in no time at all with this
easy to follow, step by step pattern! This pattern comes with several
instructional photos so even the begi
nning crafter can make this
darling ~Summer Thyme~ S
unflower Arrangement!
This pattern is available as an e-Pattern,
Instant Download Pattern and as a Printed Pattern!
The choice is yours!

This ~Summer Thyme~ Arrangement looks great inside or out!

Here is a photo of this darling ~Summer Thyme~ Arrangement
sitting in a lil' olde wagon
on our front porch!
What a darling way to greet your guests, this summer!

Hope your having a great summer!
Blessings, Kim

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gearing up for Fall...***NEW*** Grungy Olde Witch Boot Pattern...Now Availiable

Gearing up for Fall here at Old Road Primitives
***NEW*** Grungy Olde Witch Boot Pattern
If you like the "Grunge" look then you will love
this newest Grungy Olde Witch Boot Pattern from ORP!
This Witch Boot stands alone, no propping needed!
It stands 9" Tall (Boot Only)

Print this little "Witch Poem" template from your computer!
This easy to follow pattern comes with step by step instructions,
instructional photos and detailed pattern pieces!
You won't be disappointed in this pattern!
You can purchase this pattern in either an
e-Pattern, Instant Download or P
rinted Pattern form!
The choice is you

Please stop by Old Road Primitives to see
what Pattern Specials I'm running !
I offer a great selection of Holiday Craft Patterns!

I have several new Fall & Christmas patterns ready to go!
Please check back as I will be releasing them soon!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

***NEW*** ~Farm Fresh~ Hen Pattern...Now Available

If you love chickens like I do then you are going to love this newest pattern from Old Road Primitives! It is called ~Farm Fresh~ Hen! This lil' country chick would look cute in any Farm/Chicken themed kitchen or home! Chickens are HOT right now and they sell very well!

Not only will you learn how to make this darling hen but you will also learn how to make the ~Farm Fresh~ Feed Sack!

Print ~Farm Fresh~ template from your computer! This pattern comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions, instructional photos and detailed pattern pieces so there is no second guessing this pattern! This lil' hen is 8 1/2" Tall!

Thanks for stopping by Old Road Primitives, today!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

~Wash Day~ Dress Clothespin Holder...

Please click on photo to enlarge

SORRY but this item has SOLD!!!
Hi Ladies!
I've been playing in my craft room this afternoon and
whipped up this darling ~Wash Day~ Dress Clothespin Holder!
Not only do these darling lil' dresses look great hanging on
a clothesline but they also look great in a laundry room!
There is a nice opening in the back of the dress
for easy access to your clothespins!
(Sorry but the clothespins are not included with this little dress!)

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern for making
one of these darling little dresses then please click HERE!
This pattern comes with easy to follow, step by step
instructions and comes with instructional photos!
These make up real quick with few supplies needed!
$7.50 for the e-Pattern & Instant Download Pattern!
$9.50 for a printed and mailed copy!

Great sellers at spring & summer craft shows!

Thanks for taking a Peek! Kim

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

***NEW*** ~Country Thyme~ Apron Pattern...Now Available

Hi Ladies, I wanted to let you all know that my ***NEW*** ~Country Thyme~ Apron Pattern is now available! Did you know that aprons are the HOT item this year? You will absolutely love making this darling ~Country Style~ Apron! Not only will you get great use out of this apron while in the kitchen but when it is not in use, it makes a great decor item for any ~Country Style~ Home! Simply hang it from a chair, nook or hanger!

With so many darling matching fabrics out there the possibilities for this apron are endless! This apron can be made to match any kitchen, dining room or Holiday theme!

These darling aprons make great inexpensive gifts! So join in on the fun by making one of these ~Darling~ Aprons!

This pattern comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions and several instructional photos! There is no second guessing this pattern! Please click HERE to view and/or purchase this ~Country Thyme~ Apron Pattern!

Hope you all are having a GREAT Wednesday! May God Bless You Today! Kim

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

***NEW*** Belle the Bunny Pattern...

What cha' working on Wednesday?
I know, I know it's hard to believe that I'm
already working on Bunnies but when you are
a pattern designer you always have to be a few months
ahead of the next Holiday!
Here I have a ***BRAND NEW*** pattern for Easter!
This is "Belle" the Bunny and she is the first
in a series of new "Belle" patterns!
Please click on the photo above to view or purchase the pattern!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

***NEW*** ~Prim Blessings~ Heart Make-do Pattern...

***NEW*** ~Prim Blessings~ Heart Make-do Pattern...
Now Available!
Available in e-Pattern, Instant Download or Printed Pattern form!
Simply click on the photo above to view and/or purchase!