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Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Sweet Magnolia Bliss"...

Are you interested in "clean" living?
Then I would love to have you join me
on my new venture...
The home of "Clean Country Living"...
a place for healthy living ideas and recipes! 
Have a "Happy Healthy" day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Soap Day"...Homemade Cold Pressed Soap from ORP

Hi, Ladies!
"Soap Day", "Soap Day" here at ORP!
I'm the type of person who likes to live life
on the "natural" side, especially when it comes
to my bodycare and home cleaning products!
Life is hard enough without bombarding our
bodies and homes with all of those dangerous chemicals!
I have made my own soap for a long time!
Last week I decided that I wanted to try a different recipe
so I tried "Becky's" recipe from "Becky's Homestead"!
(Becky has a "fun" little homesteading website!)
Here are the three simple ingredients that you will need...
lye, distilled water & lard, plus your "favorite" essential oil
if you would like your soap scented)!
Of coarse, I "love" to use doTERRA's essential oils in
all of my bodycare & cleaning recipes!
For this recipe I used "Wild Orange",
which has become my new favorite!
Here my lye & water mixture is waiting to cool!
Lye can be "dangerous" to work with so please
follow Becky's safety tips when working with lye!
 In this photo my soap mixture has reached "trace"!
Trace is the point at which the lye and oils can no longer separate!
You know you are at the "trace" point when the
soap mixture leaves a "trail" in your bowl!
It's kind of like a really thick pudding!
Trace is the point at which you will add your "favorite"
essential oil, oils, coloring or embellishments!
Here my soap was just pored in the mold!
If I use Becky's recipe again I will probably either line
my mold with saran wrap or use a silicone mold
because this soap did not want to release from the mold very well!
You can get your soaps to release from the molds by either putting them
in the freezer, by getting the bottom of the mold
warm with a blow dryer or simply lining your mold with saran wrap!
 If anyone is interested in purchasing doTERRA essentail
oils please contact me!
They are simply the "best" oils out there!

Have a "Happy Easter" everyone!
 PS:  Please stop by "Becky's Homestead" to for her
"Homemade Soap Making" tutorial & recipe!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Coconut Bunny Cake for Easter...

How many of you remember these?
They have been around for years & years!
"Coconut Bunny Cakes"!!!
Tomorrow we are having a family Easter gathering,
so I made one of these "darling" bunny cakes!
They are super easy!
No molds or special pans required,
just a plain old round cake pan!
There are directions on how to make these
all over the Internet!
I used "Jenny Steffen's Blog" for my directions!
Please stop by to take a peek at Jenny's "darling"
Coconut Bunny Cakes!
"Happy Easter", Everyone!

Happily linking to...
From the Farm!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

~Love Notes~ Annie from Old Road Primitives

 Hi, ladies!
Today, I wanted to "share" a ~darling~
little raggedy that I made for our Grand-daughter!
Her name is ~Love Notes~ Annie
because I have written a few ~Love Notes~
on her tummy and back for our Grand-daughter
to "cherish" for ever & ever!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Raggedy "Hair" Tutorial from Old Road Primitives...

Raggedy “Hair” Tutorial from ORP! To get started we will start with Picture #1-Wrap a strand of yarn around your fingers several times to form loops as shown in picture #1. Picture #2-Starting hand stitching these loops at the top/center of the raggedy’s head. I hand stitch the loops right down the seam line of the head. Picture #3-When the hair on one side is finished, continue stitching the loops down the other side of the head. I usually try to not go any further down the head then the temples with the hair. Picture #4-This is the “wild” shot. The top is now finished. One more step to go. Picture #5-Start stitching the loops across the back of the raggedy’s head in a straight line. When you are all finished you can go back and clip the top of each loop or you can leave your raggedy’s hair “loopy”. I like to clip each loop but leave a few “loops” in the bang area. I especially like to leaves some “loops” on my girl raggedies. If you purchase ORP’s Raggedy Annie & Andie Pattern, I state the actually size of the strands of yarns that I use and how many strands that I use on these raggedies but this will give you a general idea of how I do Raggedy hair.

"Easy" Striped Raggedy Leg Tutorial from ORP...

“Easy” Striped Raggedy Leg Tutorial from Old Road Primitives. This is the "easy" way to paint "perfect" little stripes on your raggedy's leg. Picture #1-Paint stripes evenly on fabric. (I used scotch tape spaced evenly across the fabric.) Dry stripes. A blow dryer speeds up this process. Remove tape from fabric. Picture #2-Fold the fabric in half with stripes on the inside (RSI-Right Sides In). Please note…be sure to line the stripes up evenly. Picture #3-Trace the leg/shoe pattern piece to the fabric. Picture #4-Sew and trim leg/shoe piece. Picture #5-Turn the leg/shoe piece (RSO-Right Sides Out). Stuff the leg/shoe to the stuff line. Walla…now wasn’t that easy? Go ahead and paint the shoe. Let it dry. Stain, dry and sand the leg/shoe piece one last time. ORP's Raggedy Annie & Andie pattern can be purchased at the following link...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

***NEW*** Raggedy Annie & Andie Pattern from ORP...

 Hi Everyone!
I almost forgot to post ORP's newest
Spring/Summer pattern on my Blog!
So, here it is!
Aren't they just the "cutest" ever?
~Granny's Attic~ Raggedy Annie & Andie Raggedies!
This is a super easy and fun pattern to work with!
This pattern comes with a one body/head pattern piece!
No complicated "round" heads!
Button eyes for those of you who prefer button eyes!
Also, all of the clothing pieces are made from
rectangle pieces of fabric for easy sewing!
Please click HERE for more information on ORP's
***NEW*** Raggedy pattern!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

***NEW*** ~Spring Thyme Blessings~ Bunn n' Hat Pattern from ORP...
Hi, everyone!
Today, I wanted to "share" my newest Spring pattern with all of you!
This new pattern is called...
Isn't this little Spring bunny hat simply adorable?
This is a really ~fun~ pattern to put together!
Not only will you learn how to make the darling
little bunny but you will also learn how to make
the hat and the darling little Spring flowers!
Please stop by Old Road Primitives to take
a peek at this pattern!
Have a great day!

Monday, February 10, 2014

***NEW*** ~Spring Thyme~ Bunny Pattern from ORP...
Hi, everyone!
We are "hopping down the bunny trail" here at Old Road Primitives!
Today, I wanted to "share" my first Spring pattern for 2014!
It is called...~Spring Thyme~ Bunny!
This little bunny is ~fun~ to bring to "bunny life"!
She is super easy and can be made fairly quickly!
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

***NEW*** ~Sugar n' Spice~ Christmas Gingers Pattern from ORP...

 Hi, everyone!
I hope that all of you are having a great Sunday!
Today, I wanted to "share" ORP's newest Christmas pattern
with all of you!
This ***NEW*** Christmas pattern is called...
~Sugar n' Spice~ Christmas Gingers!
This is a super ~fun~ pattern!
These little "Gingers" have the most precious little faces!
 They make great ornies, bowl fillers or tucks!
You will learn how to make this ~darling~ flour sifter
arrangement with this pattern!
Great gift for the "Ginger" collector on your Christmas list!
This pattern comes with
printable "Sugar n' Spice" tags
with three different Sugar n' Spice sayings for
you to print from your computer!
Tags say...
Sugar n' Spice Christmas
A Sugar n' Spice kind of Christmas
A Sugar n' Spice Merry Christmas!
Please stop by Old Road Primitives to view this
***NEW*** Christmas pattern!

Have a blessed Sunday and "Happy Thanksgiving" everyone!