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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas from "ORP"...

"Merry Christmas", everybody!
May you have a "blessed" Christmas with
your family & friends!

See you in 2015!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ruffled Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt...

 Hi, Ladies!
Today, I wanted to "share" ORP's version of
a "Ruffled" Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt.
First off, I would like to say that I got this idea
from a website called..."Uncommon Designs".
 Trish & Bonnie's ruffled burlap Christmas tree
skirt is a "no sew" project.
So, if you don't sew you may want to hop on over
to their website for their "no sew" tutorial.

OK, let's get started!
Supplies Needed...
(1) 60" Round Burlap Tablecloth ($15.00 at Premier Burlap
2 Yards Homespun Christmas Fabric
8 yds of Trim (I used a burlap ric-rac)

Start by folding your round tablecloth in half.
Using an 8 to 10" plate or lid, draw a "half" circle
on the center fold of your tablecloth, as shown in the photo below.
Now, draw a straight line, starting a the "A" to the edge of your tablecloth,
also shown in the photo below.
Cut the circle & straight line out.
The circle will be what fits around the base of your Christmas tree
& the line will be the opening of your Christmas tree skirt.
The photo below shows you what your Christmas tree skirt
will look like once it's laid out.

At this point you can bind the circle and edges of the opening
or you can skip the binding part.
For the binding I used 2 1/2" strips of the same
homespun Christmas fabric that I used for the ruffle.

Time to do some figuring...
Measure the circumference of your tablecloth
and double that number.
My 60" tablecloth was 180" in circumference.
I like lots of ruffles, so I "doubled" that number...360".
360" of fabric is what I will need to make my "ruffled" Christmas tree skirt.
If you don't like a lot of ruffles then you will need to lower that number
to like maybe 1 1/2 times the circumference of the tablecloth or 270 inches
or somewhere in between 270 & 360 inches.
Tear strips of the homespun Christmas fabric 6" wide.
You can use burlap if you prefer but you can't tear burlap, it
will need to be cut.
 Sew these strips together until you have reached the desired number of inches.
For me it was 360".
About an inch from the edge of the fabric run a gathering stitch.
I like to run two rows of gathering stitches just in case one breaks.
 Gather these ruffles until they fit the circumference of your tablecloth.
At this point you can either sew your ruffle to the tablecloth
or you can glue your ruffle to the tablecloth.

 I hid my gathering stitches by gluing some burlap
ric-rac trim on my ruffle.
I used this same trim to make ties for my Christmas tree skirt.
Walla...wasn't that "fun"?
I hope that your ruffled Christmas tree skirt will be a
"keepsake" for many Christmas's to come!

PS:  I will post a picture of my new "ruffled" Christmas tree
skirt all laid out under our tree, once I get our Christmas tree up
in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

***NEW*** ~A "Sweet" Christmas~ Lighted Ginger Pattern from ORP...
Hi, blog "peeps"!
Today, I wanted to "share" ORP's newest
pattern for Christmas 2014!
This new pattern is called...
~A "Sweet" Christmas~ Lighted Ginger!
Isn't she "adorable"?
This little Ginger stump doll sits on a wooden base!
She is holding a primitive battery operated taperd candle!
This little Ginger would make a great gift for that "special"
someone on your list!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

***NEW*** "FUN" Christmas Patterns from Old Road Primitives...

Hi, Ladies!
Today, I wanted to "share" ORP's lasted & greatest
Christmas patterns!
The first pattern is called...

The second pattern that I wanted to "share"
is called...

Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, October 20, 2014

***NEW*** ~SnOw DayZ~ Prim Snowman Raggedy Pattern from "ORP"...
Isn't this ***NEW*** snowman pattern from "ORP"
simply "adorable"?
Please stop by Old Road Primitives and take a "peek"!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fun ***NEW*** Christmas Patterns from Old Road Primitives...

Hi, everyone!
Today, I wanted to "share" my newest
Christmas patterns with all of you!
How "cute" are these?
I hope that you are having a "great" Fall!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

***NEW*** "fun" Christmas patterns from "ORP"

 Hi, Everyone!
Today, I wanted to "share" a couple of ***new***
Christmas patterns for the 2014 season.
The first pattern that I wanted to "share" is called...
This is a super easy and fun pattern to make.
Not a lot of sewing here, just a circle for the the "ginger".
The rest of it is "basic" stuff too.
 In this pattern you will learn how to turn a regular
flour sifter into a "vintage" style flour sifter.
This pattern also comes with the "Gingerbread Lovin' from the Oven"
template for you to print from you computer.

The second Christmas pattern that I would like to "share"
is called...~BELIEVE~ SnOwMan.
Isn't he "adorable"?
This pattern has been a hit amongst my customers.
Please stop by my website "Old Road Primitives" to take a peek.

"Happy Fall Ya'all"!!!
I can officially say that now!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Princess Dress Cupcake Cake Tutorial...

~Princess Dress Cupcake Cake~ Tutorial...
(This is our version of the Princess or
Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake)
42 Cupcakes (white or vanilla cupcakes work best)
4 Batches of "Butter Cream Frosting" (see recipe below)
Icing color of your choice
1M Swirl Wilton frosting tip
2 Pastry bags
Large piece of covered heavy cardboard or board
Crown and wand
Decorators or Glittered sugar

Butter Cream Frosting Recipe-
(this recipe makes 1 batch of frosting)
3 cups powdered sugar
2 cubes butter
2 Tbls cream
1 tsp. vanilla

Cover a large piece of heavy cardboard in wrapping or butcher paper.
Lay the cupcakes on the board in the following order...
1st Row-5 cupcakes
2nd Row-5    "
3rd Row-2    "
4th Row-4    "
5th Row-5    "
6th Row-5    "
7th Row-5    "
8th Row-6    "
9th Row-5    "
Lay the cupcakes out so that they look like a dress.
Place the cupcakes as close together as you can.
Make the frosting, set 2 cups of white frosting aside,
color the rest of the frosting with the icing color of your choice.
Fill a pastry bag (with the 1M frosting tip) with the colored frosting.
Swirl each cupcake (except the 2 cupcakes in the 3rd row) with the colored frosting.
Click HERE to be taken to Wilton's website for this step.
Be sure to go "wide" with the swirls, this will help fill in
any holes between the cupcakes.
If you have any holes in the cake when you are finished
go ahead and fill those holes in with a little swirl of the colored frosting.
Using the 1M frosting tip again, fill the second pastry bag
with the white frosting.
Using this pastry bag make a "stars" on the bottom row
of the bodice and the bottom row of the dress.
Makes rows of stars going across the 2 cupcakes in "3rd row".
Sprinkle the white stars with decorators sugar.
Place the crown and wand on the cake.

Now, it's time to "Enjoy" your "Princess Dress Cupcake Cake".
I hope that you enjoyed this ***free*** tutorial from Old Road Primitives!

"Happy Party"!
Please feel free to "Pin" this "Tutorial"!

Happily "linking" to "Family Home & Life"!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

***NEW*** Fall Scarecrow Pattern from ORP...

 Hi, Everyone!
Tonight, I wanted to "share" ORP's newest
Fall Scarecrow Pattern!
This new pattern is called...
~Raggedy Patch~ Scarecrow!
This pattern is for those of you who "love" scarecrow!
Please click HERE for more info on this new Fall pattern


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

***NEW*** Fall Patterns from Old Road Primitives

 Hi, everyone!
Today, I wanted to "share" a couple of "ORP's"
newer Fall patterns with you!
We "love" Fall around here and are certainly
in the mood for it!

Please click on each photo for more information
on that particular pattern!

I hope that all of you are enjoying your summer!
School starts here next week, which is so hard for me to believe!
Once school gets started it's time to jump into
the crafting mode full swing!

Thanks for stopping by today!